[Note] Learn How to Learn 4. Renaissance Learning and Unlocking Your Potential

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A better leaner can be enhanced by physical exercise. Because neurons are born every day in Hippocampus. Hippocampus is very important in learning new things. And exercise can help new neurons survive.

Better Understanding Concepts: Create a visual metaphor or analogy.

Einstellung – block of the thoughts

A Test Checklist: (developed by Richard Felder)


test helps learning effect

Did you make a serious effort to understand the text?

Did you work with classmates on homework problems?

Did you attempt to outline outline every homework problem solution?

Did you participate actively in homework group discussions?

Did you consult with the instructor?

Did you understand ALL your homework problem solutions?

Did you ask in class for explanations of homework problem solutions that weren’t clear to you?

Study guide?

Outline lots of problem solutions?

Go over the study guide and problems with classmates and quiz one another?

A review session?

A reasonable night’s sleep before the test?


Helpful Hints for Tests:

Start with the hard, then jump to the easy. (Only useful when already done preparation)

The hard will trigger the diffuse mode. It can guarantee at least a little work on each problem.

To relax, hand put on the stomach and take a deep breath

Go over the materials the night before the test, practicing switching between focus and diffused modes.


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