[note] Learning How to Learn 3 Procrastination and Memory

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“Zombie Mode” – A habit has 4 parts:

  1. cue – the trigger to do sth. in the “zombie” mode
  2. routine – the reaction to the cue, the actual “zombie” mode
    • rewind the reactions by editing the plan
  3. reward – pleasant feelings or things make the habit formation attractive
    • treat yourself with rewards, like small ones goofing around without guilt for one night or big ones like going out for fun or a nice purchase
  4. belief – to change a habit may need to change the underline belief
    • believe in yourself to hold the belief that you can do this

Process vs Product – Focus on the short period of process instead of the product expectation

Juggling life and learning

  • weekly list of key tasks
  • daily “to-do” list
    • make the list!
      • don’t let what-to-do occupy the space
      • make reasonable time estimation
    • make the list the night before
    • plan both the starting and quitting time
    • do the most disliked task in the morning (at least one pomodoro) / eat your frog in the morning

Sum up

  1. keep a planner journal
  2. commit yourself to certain routines and tasks every day
  3. delay rewards until you finish the task
  4. watch for procrastination cues
  5. gain your trust system
  6. have backup plans for when you still procrastinate
  7. eat your frogs every day


The goal is, building the long term memory:

  1. Visual memory system: relate funny and evocative image to what you learn
  2. don’t learn all in one day, spread into pieces day by day
  3. use index card to help recall (flashcard, one side the index letter, the other the details)
  4. repeat the recall and gradually extend the time in between the recalls
  5. create meaningful groups to simplify the material: e.g. the first letter of the words group
  6. build Memory Palace: use a familiar place to put on the unrelated things to remember


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