[note]Learning How to Learn 2. Chunk

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Chunk is the interconnected pile for knowledge of one specific area. And to make conceptual chunk little by little is the road to expertise. One is easy to create the chunk when in focus mode.

So how to form the chunk?

1. not distracted when building the chunk

2. try to understand the basic understanding of the concepts

3. close the books and test yourself for speedup

4. learn the major concepts first and fill in the gap afterwards

After several study sections, it’s possible that one gets the illusion of competence. To avoid this illusion leading to the ineffective study, one should do the two things: practice and recall. Only through these two instead of repeating reading the same material, one can make the chunk lasting longer and deeper so better connections can be make. Besides, to change the study location from time to time can effectively avoid the disturbance from the ambience.


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